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Модернизация КТФ-7 до ЧПУ - контроллер управления G-CODE

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модернизаация КТФ-7 до ЧПУ

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Developing Wireless High-Definition Video Modems for Consumer Electronics Devices

AMIMON has developed Wireless Home Digital Interface (WHDI™) technology that enables HDTVs to interface wirelessly to all HD video sources while providing the same quality as a wired connection. Developed using MATLAB®, WHDI technology can deliver 3 Gbps, enabling 1080p frames to be sent 60 times per second through walls to a device 100 feet away. Because the frames are uncompressed, latency is as low as 1 msec, making WHDI ideal for game consoles that require extremely brief response times. WHDI devices not only eliminate the need for video cables; they can also act as a wireless switch, connecting multiple video sources to multiple HDTVs and displays.
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Модернизация КТФ-7 до ЧПУ - контроллер управления G-CODE

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