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Модернизация КТФ-7 до ЧПУ - контроллер управления G-CODE

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Автор Тема: Sony Ericsson SDK  (Прочитано 3026 раз)
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модернизаация КТФ-7 до ЧПУ

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Sony Ericsson and Java
Java™ is an integrated part of Sony Ericsson’s thinking. Sony Ericsson introduced a multi-tasking VM in 2006 and the world’s first fully MSA compliant phone in 2008. The Sony Ericsson Java Platform has comprehensive JSR support including Java 3D and provides access to hardware features such as the built-in accelerometer. Sony Ericsson is a member of the Java ME Executive Committee and supports the JavaVerified program and JATAF (Java Application Terminal Alignment Framework) which addresses fragmentation of Java ME implementations.
Development tools include the Sony Ericsson SDK for the Java ME Platform with full 3D emulation and on-device debugging, as well as developers' guidelines and plug-ins.
A detailed User Interface Style Guide provides a source of best practice and inspiration.
Sony Ericsson SDK for the Java™ ME Platform (120 MB)
SDK adds support for Sony Ericsson Java Platform 8.5 (JP-8.5) introduced with the Aino™ and Yari™ phones.
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Модернизация КТФ-7 до ЧПУ - контроллер управления G-CODE

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